About showing ads in LiveBible

Everything is permissible as long it is done the proper way

(UPDATED: 10/26/2014)
I was amazed by the reactions of many because LiveBible was getting fixed after being broken for more than six months.  Also because, I decided to include ads in the latest update (which came after much deliberation).
I've been developing this tool since 2009 and never really like ads myself but I realized the problem wasn't ads in itself, showing ads is not evil. There is quite nothing bad or evil about it. I will show you in a minute.

I've decided to put ads because I am basically leaving resources that I can use to improve the software and the services offered.

We all can use the skills and talents that God puts in us. HE has given us everything. We can use everything as long it is proper according to Scripture.
With these principles in mind and the faith we have in God, we can always remain certain to do what is right.

LiveBible was one of the first bible app on Android and has been on the market since 2009. I had a lot of goals, desires and plans but I was afraid to put ads thinking just like you:

"Oh...it's so evil to have ads in bible apps. People will see ads and stuff."

- people who are afraid

Let me tell you, this is wrong thinking and is just driven by fear. I came to realize that I was afraid for you (in a good way) but at the same time I wasn't taking advantage of my skills to help all the Ministries that rely on the support and development efforts of software developers just like me. It's like a waste, there is so much that can be done to help ministries and the Christians cause right in the sofware.
The other issue with this line of thinking is there are those who simply want free stuff. I like free too and am giving. This is the main reason, I work a lot on open source projects.

Now, let me tell you when a Christian Ministry wants to reach out, they have to go in the world and launch Ads campain hoping that you will join and participate in their mission. But you know, they may not be able to reach you because the system is inefficient. The resources that you gave them are simply wasted. Sometimes, you can be left thinking that they stole money. It can be very hard to reach Christians who are really willing to help. These should never be taken for granted.
Today, so many christians are left thinking...

"Well, all they do is ask me for money! I need to find another."

- people who are afraid (yes, again)

...Well guess what? they have to ask those who are BLESSED...
YES, that's right they have to ask those who are blessed by the ALMIGHTY, THE LIVING GOD!
That's the only reason...because they want to receive from those who share their goals and understand their struggles.
They know because of the calling, you will be sensitive to that. To their causes and struggles the moment they step out the door to reach out.

Now, why would you think it's okay for a developer who's coding Angry bird, or flappy bird (nothing against these developers in any way, this is just for illustration) to receive money when you click on their ads but not a Bible app?
THIS IS A GREAT QUESTION...and this is the main reason you probably can see the thinking here...

"It's all fine if the christian developer receives some proceeds from the Ministry so he can continue the work."

It's like keeping the money in the family. Do you understand? You truly need to understand this.
I repeat: "It is okay for a Christian developer to receive some proceeds from the work he's done". This should be encouraged and will lead others to continue strengthen the kindom.
Of course, doing it for free would be better...in an ideal world. We have to keep praying for unity so we can reach that better world!
The constant thinking "why do I have to give money? all they want is 'my money' is not right!

Second, the only thing that you should worry is that Christian developers should not become GREEDY!
We believe LiveBible is not greedy, but affordable. LiveBible is very reasonable but we need help and support to continue the work that has begun.
I am an "open-source" developer. Just look at my website and work I've done in open source communities. Nothing greedy about me as a person. Those closed to me will probably tell you, this is a big heart problem with me. I like to give -but- I can't give what belongs to others for free. It just doesn't work that way and cannot continue under a good leadership.
How many times have you seen a church ministry, a radio station getting closed because of not enough resources? It happens quite frequently. There are many great radio stations that have come to disappear because no ones listen to radio anymore.

There is a thinking that those who serve God must live in lack. That is wrong thinking, those who serve God must learn to live believing that God will supply all their needs and not worry. It is a trust issue just like there is a trust issue for the one who need to share and give.
(UPDATED: Some of the Ministries don't accept donation by fear. This is also wrong. They are a blessing to many people. Do your work and ask. Seek, Knock and Ask...but make good plans for HE has plans to make you succeed. This is a blessing not a curse.)

GOD does not want you to live in lack of anything. You will hear that everyday from your pastor and it's true. Far from HIM that you should be lacking of anything.

SUCCESS AND GREED IS THE DANGER here but it's not for you to worry but to the pastor, the ministry, the evangelist, the developer, etc. You got it?

Success and greed is what can make people forget about God and where they come from but this is not the problem for the one who gives. Your role is to give to ministry that will promote, encourage and provide assistance to those in need.

LiveBible goals are honest!

LiveBible has needs that are unmet:

  • Support for translation. Since Livebible is free. It is very hard to get help but it cost money to translate the software. So, the software was changed to use more images and less text. This is to make it easier to support other languages.
  • LiveBible download can be slow. It's moving to a new server and will offer faster downloads. These add costs and we need to cover for these costs.
  • Develop a community where people can meet, discuss and share their love and passion for God. As long everything is done the proper way, there is no wrong. It is in fact very GOOD.
  • Make it easier to discover and find a local church, find christian resources, pastor conference, discover Christian artists, bible study tools...all these are proper and pleasing.

I have no doubts in my heart, and with the tears in my eyes (of joy) that ALL these things are pleasing to God. Sometime, you just know because your heart doesn't condem you...you just know! You then feel you can take against the world because you know HE IS WITH YOU!!! IT'S SUCH A GREAT FEELING!

I thank you for reading this post. Please share and comment this post. We don't have to live by fear. I have found that I have so many more to say, I will not be quiet anymore...
I would like you to think about this:

Why do some of you feel it's okay for games and other apps to receive proceeds of your search (or interests) but not a bible app? Search in your heart and the LORD will give you the answer.
- No one can steal from God since HE owns everything. HE Transforms and Changes lives.
- GOD has provided everything for us to use and we can do everything for HIM. That is pleasing.
- Come, join us...It's a call now!. In God's kingdom, there are many rooms. The Lord Jesus has prepared a room for us.
God bless,
...call me: bro Ernesto
(or Evangelist Programmer)

(10/21/2014 --- A fresh start)