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When giving freely can go wrong

(UPDATED: 10/26/2014)
Well, this is pretty much our last attempt at explaining the issue. It's simply not possible to support Online Bible format anymore. We had to make changes in the software because Online Bible format (HTML based) is not maintainable.
Great things in the works for Livebible, but we wanted to take this time to show the issues with the Online format and what we have done to address these issues.
We hope you can see our position but we would like to move on and continue our work -- Online Bible reader will no longer be supported.

First of all, we believe it is much better to have the whole Bible and not portion of it. Partial bible download is wrong. The bible was meant to be read entirely not portion of it. Many users simply didn't know or understand that they can download the full bible to read offline. We are trying to fix this problem.
There are those who seem to believe that they should not pay for Bible. In the process, they dishonor the work of Ministries that are working hard to continue offering their work absolutely FREE. And they are offered freely. Some let us use their work for very little cost and support Evangelists in their mission. They should be praised.
We believe, the Church and Ministries should work better together and offer free Bible to new believers.
Of course, the Church cannot offer $30-$50 bibles freely in large quantities but the Outreach Bible version must continue to exist. Several ministries are taken them out. Please, see to it in your own church. This is call to action.

Now, when you factor in the cost and compare what a software application does. It helps greatly in reducing the cost in bringing bible to every one and make it affordable.  A typical application offers multiple bibles for less than $10 in most cases.
A printed Bible Study cost between $30-$80 (sometimes with graphics). But a software application does much more: fast search, parallel view, access to audio bible. It cost money to bring these resources to all users.
But software application faces different issues.  It does have costs: hardware, network cost, developer time (time away from their family).  It simply cannot be offered free of charges. Sooner or later, someone will go bankrupt. These are simple facts. --- We need to ask help when we need help...
Several ministries like: Gideons International have costs too.

(UPDATED: We have found some of the feedbacks received were not from actual users. As we were hoping, it's not the Christians who don't want to support for something they use. These were forms of attacks.)

Now, it's time to get back to business.  Let's see, the whole point is the new Bible format is not supported.

This view is incorrect and depending on the version, the software wil crash.

LiveBible Error Screen1

Now, depending on the version. This will cause a crash report. Kaboom!!! Still friendly here (version 4.3.6), the software goes back to home screen.

LiveBible Error Screen2
LiveBible Crash report

Not cool! how does this work in the new version? Well pretty much the same if you are loading a chapter from the offline storage.

Oh I see, the software can still load the text. As long the chapter is present! - great!

LiveBible Error Screen3

These same crashes would be there but handled much nicely. This is still wrong. This is unsupported feature. The screen reports the format is invalid.

LiveBible Error Screen4

Your very friendly developer loves coding but he loves spending time with his family as well. It is simply a full time job to maintain the Live mode feature.

This feature has been dropped (10/23/2014).

This view is just right. Now, your happy coder can continue exploring other features. Godly features. Hacking away the web is over.
Now, we can focus on the LIVE part, Not Online but LIVE just as being alive again!
Split view, Bible dictionary, Strong words and other great resources that have much more values.

LiveBible No error