UPDATED (11/30/2014): We updated the app to support the new Online bible format. More than 22 bibles were broken since our last update v4.3.6

LiveBible is a powerful Bible tool. Use it to learn the Word of God and share the good news of the Gospel. With this tool, you will be able to read the bible at your own pace. Just select your favorite version, and the tool will download the …


XtremeFit will help you get in the best shape of your life with access to more than 200 exercises, and customized programs that help you achieve your fitness goals.GET in the best shape of your life now! 


Both beginners and experienced bodybuilders will benefit from the vast amount of exercises information, workout log capabilities and social media feature.Everything to help you get …



One of the most sought skills for software professionals today is not only the ability to write good quality code but also the ability to test and validate your code. This is where this tool comes into play. ScriptRunner is different than other unit testing framework. In fact, ScriptRunner is a complement of traditional unit testing framework like CPP Unit. A Unit Testing …

P/Invoke Visual Studio Add-in

P/Invoke Library - Visual Studio Add-in


This article describes the PInvokeLib Visual Studio Add-in. This tool will help you organize P/Invoke signatures that you use regularly in your application. Hopefully you will not find this tool to be outdated since it provides several features that you will not find in other tools.


One website that I visit regularly is pInvoke. …


Depeche HTTP Server

Depeche is an open-source HTTP web server solution for Embedded platform. Currently, Depeche supports Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) 4.1-6.0. Future version may support other platform as well.  Depeche is not intended to replace Desktop solutions like Apache Web server or Microsoft IIS. Depeche is simply a great learning tool for those wanting to investigate and understand how …