Depeche HTTP Server

Depeche is an open-source HTTP web server solution for Embedded platform. Currently, Depeche supports Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) 4.1-6.0. Future version may support other platform as well.  Depeche is not intended to replace Desktop solutions like Apache Web server or Microsoft IIS. Depeche is simply a great learning tool for those wanting to investigate and understand how HTTP server works. Please read the LICENSE agreement if you would like to reuse the source code in other projects or commercial products.

Current release

Version - Latest [02/08/2008]

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Special Features in this release:

  • HTTP Methods Handling
    Support for GET, POST, HEAD
  • Multiple virtual directories
    Support for Virtual directory and default document
  • Basic Authentication
    [ Create and manage users' list in Depeche.config XML file ]
    XML Configuration object uses TinyXml library by Lee Thomason
  • Microsoft ISAPI Extension DLL
    Full support for ISAPI Extension
  • Microsoft ISAPI Filter DLL
    - Support for authentication filter
    - Support for logging filter
    - Support for compression filter will be added in a near future

Previous releases

Read the FAQ about configuration instruction to learn how you can configure your web pages.
View configuration notes for Windows Mobile 4.1-6.0