• Silverlight ActiveX Hosting - - 815K


    I finally got some time for an update of the WindowlessMedia library. This update is mainly to explain how you can host Silverlight interface as binary resource in your application. This is a first folks, I hope you will find it useful.


    The library is quite stable now, I've been using it in two different …

  • MPEG4 Encoder/Decoder DMO


    Xvid is an open-source video codec library following the MPEG-4 standard. Xvid is published under the GNU GPL License, it can be used only in free and open source project.In this article, I will present the XvidCoreDmo. I decided to write a DMO instead of DirectShow filter because DMOs can be used in much broader range of applications and they are also much easier …

  • Windowless ActiveX Container



    About ActiveX Container

    Using ActiveXContainerImpl Class

    ActiveX Container Demos



    COM/ActiveX control has been around for more than a decade. In spite of all, it is very difficult to get a complete Windowless container. MFC dialog has its own Windowless container that is truly windowless compare to ATL but if your project can't afford to …

  • Win32 Socket Class - - - - - 13Kb


    To run the application as client, type SocketServer.exe /client from command prompt.


    This is an updated version of the Socket communication class that I released a couple of years ago. While the interface CSocketHandle is quite stable and …

  • Event Recorder


    Initially, I created the event recorder DLL to demonstrate how to integrate mouse and keyboard events capture within a C/C++ application. This solution relies on a neat feature from Microsoft, a "DLL-Application".A "DLL-Application" is a WIN32 dynamic library that is callable from Rundll32.exe utility.


    RUNDLL32 is a small but powerful command-line …

  • GDI+ Windows Mobile - - 474K


    Recently, I was porting a video player application to Windows CE 6.0 which uses heavily a lot of graphics. I was quite disappointed when I realized that Microsoft didn't distribute Gdiplus.lib with their SDK for Windows CE 5.0 and 6.0. Since I had so much done with GDI+, there was no way to throw that away. So, I developed my own …

  • SoundStudio - 229K - - 919K


    SoundStudio is my latest demo application showing how to use peakmeter with real sound. You should find source code to read and decode multimedia audio stream.Most of the code is part of the Multimedia Library that I've been using for the last couple of years. These classes are very easy to use but I should …

  • VideoPlayer

    Video Player (WindowsMedia demo) - 83K - - 919K


    VideoPlayer is a demonstration program for the WindowsMedia library. This demo has been created to give an overview of the DirectShow features that are currently being supported.


    Just like I did for the SoundStudio Demo, you will find two demos for this …

  • PeakMeter Control - 37K - 38K


    Ever since I've been using Winamp, I've always been a big fan of their PeakMeter area.This is the main reason of this control. It is also one of the few PeakMeter that you can find over web.


    Using PeakMeter in MFC

    There are two versions of this control depending on whether you are using MFC or .NET. The new .NET …

  • Win32 Named Pipe Communication



    To run the application as client, type PipeServer.exe /client from MSDOS.


    Just like the socket communication class, I use NamedPipe quite often in server application. I had this code and demo ready for quite a while now but finally found some time to publish it.


    The first thing you may want to know is that Windows Named Pipe offers One- …