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Ever since I've been using Winamp, I've always been a big fan of their PeakMeter area.
This is the main reason of this control. It is also one of the few PeakMeter that you can find over web.


Using PeakMeter in MFC

There are two versions of this control depending on whether you are using MFC or .NET. The new .NET version offers more features.
To use in MFC application, you can subclass a STATIC control or you can create it directly with Create().
// define a member variable in your header file
CPeakMeterCtrl m_PeakMeter1;

// in your .cpp, use DataExchange to subclass
void CPeakMeterDlg::DoDataExchange(CDataExchange* pDX)
    DDX_Control(pDX, IDC_PMC_HORZ, m_PeakMeter1);
    // Create this control with create
    m_PeakMeter2.Create(WS_CHILD|WS_VISIBLE, rc, this, IDC_PMC_VERT);
    // note: call SetMeterStyle to change meter style
    m_PeakMeter2.SetMeterBands(10, 15);
    m_PeakMeter2.Start(1000/20); // 20 fps

Using PeakMeter in .NET

You can use .NET version of this control in WinForms applications. Just add it to your toolbox and drag and drop it to your WinForm canvas. Here's a summary of the properties for this control

PeakMeterControl Properties

Property Description
MeterStyle Show Meter bands in Horizontal (PMS_Horizontal) or Vertical (PMS_Vertical)
ShowGrid Show meter background grid
ColoredGrid Show meter backgroung grid using color schemes
GridColor Background grid color (when ColoredGrid property is false)
ColorNormal Low range color
ColorNormalBack Low range color Background (ColoredGrid=1)
ColorMedium Medium range color
ColorMediumBack Medium range color Background (ColoredGrid=1)
ColorHigh High range color
ColorHighBack High range color Background (ColoredGrid=1)
BandsCount Number of bands
LEDCount Number of LED per bands (when 1, band is smooth)
FalloffSpeed Falloff effect speed (1=fast, 10=normal, 100=slow)
FalloffEffect Enable falloff effect, call Start() to run
FalloffColor Falloff line color

PeakMeterControl Methods

Name Description
bool Start(int delay) Start animation (delay in ms). Can be called from non-UI thread.
bool Stop() Stop animation. Can be called from non-UI thread.
void SetMeterBands(int bands, int led) Set meter bands properties and number of LED in one call
void SetRange(int min, int med, int max) Change meter control default range
bool SetData(int[] values, int offset, int size) Set peak meter data. Can be called from non-UI thread.


05/24/2008: First revision for .NET
08/10/2008: Update control