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Video Player (WindowsMedia demo) - 83K - 63K - 919K


VideoPlayer is a demonstration program for the WindowsMedia library. This demo has been created to give an overview of the DirectShow features that are currently being supported.

VideoPlayer Win32 Demo


Just like I did for the SoundStudio Demo, you will find two demos for this article. A WIN32 Demo based on WTL library, thus you will need to download WTL to build the demo. WTL is not required to use the GraphBuilderImpl class.
The second demo is the C# version based on the WindowsMedia library. It demonstrates the same functionality to help you build a DirectShow filter graph.

VideoPlayer C# Demo

Features of DSGraphBuilder in WindowsMedia Library:
  • Full Supported for DirectShow Graph building techniques
  • Adding Filter by CLSID or by type
  • Adding Source and device filters
  • Connecting and rendering filter pins individually
  • Full Supported for DirectShow Capture Graph building techniques

I hope and believe this library will help you in building DirectShow Graph. This is the main reason for the interfaces in the library. I would not recommend to use it for creating DirectShow filters (source or transform) in C#, especially if you already have experiences with COM and/or C++.
Please don't hesitate to write me with your comments and suggestions! This library is released as freeware and will remain as such.


11/09/2008: VideoPlayer Demo and WindowsMedia 1.3 code update