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General Questions about our services and products, terms of use. In-App Purchase and refund policy.

Services and Products
Where Can I Find my Purchase Code for my App?
All our apps can be purchased directly through the AppStore or Google Play purchase system. You should have received an email from the AppStore or Google play with your purchase code.
Getting Support For Your Item
Can I Get A Refund?
Open Source Projects
Can I Hire you?
Can you help me debugging my code?

License Terms (4)

This site contains applications that may be accompanied with full source code. You are free to use them in your own products (or projects) provided that the original copyright notice remains at the top of the file. All your comments, revision and additional copyright notices must be placed below the file header. In all cases, you are not allowed to redistribute the executables without prior consent.

Our use of your information
Mobile App Availability
All our mobiles are provided directly through the Apple or Google Play store.
Open Source project use
Becoming a Beta tester