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Online Bible Format

About Online Bible Format

When giving freely can go wrong

(UPDATED: 10/26/2014)Well, this is pretty much our last attempt at explaining the issue. It's simply not possible to support Online Bible format anymore. We had to make changes in the software because Online Bible format (HTML based) is not maintainable. Great things in the works for Livebible, but we wanted to take this time to show …

A fresh start

About showing ads in LiveBible

Everything is permissible as long it is done the proper way

(UPDATED: 10/26/2014)I was amazed by the reactions of many because LiveBible was getting fixed after being broken for more than six months.  Also because, I decided to include ads in the latest update (which came after much deliberation).I've been developing this tool since 2009 and never really like ads …